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Beauty 101:  Taking Your Sun Kissed Glow from the Summer to the Fall

Beauty 101: Taking Your Sun Kissed Glow from the Summer to the Fall

Well Pinxies, Summer is finally come to a close whether we wanted it to or not. So let’s start by saying goodbye to the ever so uncomfortable days of NYC humidity, and bracing ourselves for the progressive loss of our beautiful tan lines and bronzed skin.

While Fall provides welcoming relief from some harsh burning and aging due to the UV rays of Summer, it also finds some of us struggling to hold onto our sun kissed glowing skin.  Many women will resort to unhealthy practices like UV tanning beds.  Some may even go on to purchase a series of spray tanning sessions sold in many salons around the city.  Either can be costly, but more importantly, unhealthy for our skin.

What if I told you that you could achieve this healthy glow by taking a walk into your kitchen and simply reaching into your spice cabinet!

Did you know a dash of turmeric in your everyday moisturizer can help you achieve a sun kissed look without the danger of tanning beds, or the cost involved with spray tanning.  Turmeric has been used by some of fashion and beauty icons like Halle Berry for years as an added inexpensive part of her beauty regimen.

My recommendation is to use any lightly or unscented body moisturizer.  Dispense a generous amount into a separate bowl.  Then, sprinkle a pinch of turmeric in and stir!  Add as much or as little turmeric needed to achieve your perfect sun kissed glow.  Another idea would be to use a moisturizer that already contains an SPF for one less step!


Be careful not to use an aromatic moisturizer, as turmeric can be fragrant.  The cluster or combination of scents may become far less attractive than the look you were trying to achieve.

Good luck Pinxies on extending your lovely summer glow out into the fall, going no further than your kitchen cupboard!

Maleika Ezike

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